Military and first responders run toward danger, not away. They're family, friends, and neighbors. Our first responders put themselves at risk for the betterment of others and now, you have a special chance to let them know how much you care about them.

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Submit a photo of your military member/first responder and include a short story about them through the media submission feature on our station phone app or through the form below.

Every Friday we will highlight one military member/first responder on-air,  and we will add them to our First Responder Wall of Fame! (Please only submit pictures that were either taken by you or that we have permission to use). Additionally, we will select one military member/first responder per month to win a whole bunch of local prizes.

Let's all pitch in to give a big salute to all those in our area who selflessly make our community a better place!

First Responder Wall of Fame

Tell us about the military member or first responder in your life so that we can share their story and give them the recognition they deserve.
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