Several silos in New York tell a story. There's the American Flag that honors soldiers killed in action, the field of sunflowers and the tribute to the Buffalo Bills.

American Flag Silo

The American Flag silo can be found on the side of Interstate 81 in Richaland, New York, near Pulaski. It was painted shorted after the September 11th terror attacks at Joshua and Janell Pitcher's farm on County Route 48.

Photo Credit - Google Maps

What makes this God Bless America silo unique is what you see when you get up close. There are names on the north side of the silo. 4 are Joshua's Marine Corps buddies, who were killed when a grenade went off in Iraq. Joshua survived but was severely injured.

Sgt Frasier
LCPL Schwarz
LCPL Echols
POC Anderson

Photo Credit - Windsocker via Waymarking

Buffalo Bills Silo

Richard Muchard is a huge Buffalo Bills fan. Just look at his tribute to the team on his Farmington, New York farm, where you'll see a huge silo with the Bills logo painted on the side.

The Bills silo is on County Road 8, where the road intersects with Canandaigua Farmington Town Line Road. It's been there since 2014 and Muchard shines a light on it at night when the team wins.

Sunflower Silo

The Sunflower Silo sits on Ron and Darcie Ikeler's farm in Silver Springs. Dan Butler spent 27 hours over 5 days creating his largest artwork yet. "Darcie had been wanting sunflowers painted on the silo for a long time and saw some of my other artwork," says Butler.

Photo Credit- Dan Butler

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