All the election drama in Washington isn’t confined to the presidential race.  The 22nd District U.S. Congress race in New York has its own theater in the form of sticky notes.

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While possibly only a couple hundred votes separate Republican challenger Claudia Tenney from taking her seat back from Democrat Congressman Anthony Brindisi, word comes that some contested ballots, that were supposed to be marked by Elections Commissioners in ink, instead had sticky notes on them, which got displaced in transport.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

According to a WBNG Channel 12 account, the questionable ballots come out of Oneida County.  Officials are now left trying to sort out what votes were actually already counted and added to the tally and which ballots were to be subject to review.

A judge was to begin considering the outstanding and challenged voted in court November 23 when it was discovered notations were not made in ink to the ballots as is mandated in New York in at least one county and glued-on posts had not stayed in place when the ballots were moved for the court proceedings.

There is still a possibility open for a recount in the tight race.

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