All Aboard hahaha. We're not talking Ozzy's 'Crazy Train', we're talking about the New York City 'poop train'.

There's a small town in Alabama that smells pretty bad right now because there are train cars loaded with human waste from New York City that have been sitting on the train tracks for about two months. According to the AP News, 982 train cars filled with human waste sit idle near a little league baseball field in the town of Parrish, Alabama. I feel bad for the kids and their parents that have to play or watch a game on a warm summer evening with the smell of human feces floating in the air. The Mayor of Parrish. Heather Hall, was quoted by AP as saying, 'Oh my goodness, it's just a nightmare here, it smells like rotting corpses or carcasses'. 'It smells like death'. I can't imagine how badly that must smell. Well actually, I can. I don't know how many times I've driven by the sewage treatment plant in Vestal and almost threw up because the smell was so bad. I'm sure the smell from these railroad cars is thousands of times worse.

Check out the full story including pictures on the AP News website. And be grateful we don't have to deal with that here in the Binghamton area. We get enough crap from New York City as it is.

[via AP News]

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