What do you look forward to when you visit a state fair, such as the New York State Fair? Is it the agriculture areas, midway, concerts or maybe just to people watch?

While there are a lot of things to see and do at the state fair, I look forward to what the latest fried food will be. It amazes me what vendors come up with to fry. Some things sound like they have no business being fried, but actually taste good. Who knew?

There are certainly a long list of foods that have been dropped into the fryer at state fairs across the county. Taste of Home published an article that lists favorite fried foods in each state's fairs. It's a cool article to look through for some combinations of fried food that you'd never thought possible.

One fried delicacy that stands out in my opinion from the article, includes the crab shack fair special which consists of fried salmon cakes and a skewer of scallops with bacon wrapped around each. That sounds delicious.

Other interesting fried foods listed in the Taste of Home article, include a peanut butter pineapple pork burger offered at the Indiana State Fair. I'm not even sure what that would taste like, but I'd be up for giving it a try.

And then there's the Spaghetti Eddie’s Super Stick found at the New Jersey State Fair. Taste of Home says this fried feature is a combination of pepper jack cheese and pepperoni, dipped in garlic tempura batter. It gets deep-fried of course, and then wrapped around a stick.

How about trying the chocolate scorpions at the Utah State Fair or Nebraska State Fair's Fried Nutella? Not sure about that one. Taste of Home lists the New York State Fair's favorite as the Italian Sausage Sandwich. So, what's next? We'll have to wait and see at the next state fair.

via Taste of Home

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