With all the summer fairs that have been canceled so far in and around the Binghamton area, I can't imagine there were any fairs in New York State still planning to hold an event this year.

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo said the New York State Fair would be canceled for this year, and today in his press conference, he said that all county fairs in New York will be canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I understand his decision and personally I don't have a problem with it, because the fairgoers' safety should always be top priority.

With that being said, I am personally going to miss the New York State Fair this year. Chris and I usually pay a visit the state fair at least every other year. We didn't go last year because the fair, which always held the last week of August, was right around the same time we went on our Alaskan cruise. We still would have been able to get to the fair on at least one of the days, but with using so much vacation time for our trip, we decided we would wait and go to the fair this year.

We used to take Ian to the state fair every year when he was younger. His favorite part of the fair was definitely the rides. I used to love going on the rides with him. I would have to coax him into going on the scarier rides such as the zipper, but after he went on them once , he just wanted to ride them again and again.

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Sometimes Chris  and I will go to the fair with friends, other times it's just the two of us. We go up there to enjoy the food, especially the roasted corn, have a couple of beers, play a couple games of chance including the game "Gotcha", and she always wants to walk through the animal exhibits.

I don't think we went to the fair in 2018 either. So it looks like we will end up extending our streak of missing the state fair to three years, Hopefully we will be able to head back to that next year.

Pictures From The New York State Fair

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