Now this is something we never thought we'd see, even on Kickstarter.

The 'Star Wars' prequel movies, Episodes 1-3, have received a bit of flack in comparison to the original Mark Hamill-, Carrie Fisher- and Harrison Ford-led installments, so a group of people decided to make them better -- or, at least, funnier -- through something called 'Star Wars Farts.'

It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like: 'Star Wars Farts' is a film project that's looking for funding on Kickstarter, and it sees the three 'Star Wars' prequels reimagined with fart sounds heavily sprinkled throughout. "Join in the adventures of Anikan Fartwalker, Obi-Fart Kenobi, C-Fart-PO, R-Fart-D-Fart, and Padma Lakshmi," says the announcer in the Kickstarter trailer.

According to the campaign, "With 'Star Wars Farts,' our goal is to 'improve' the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy by adding fart jokes over the entire 6-hour running time of the films, then release a 30-60-minute-long supercut of the most poignant moments. The film is complete, BUT YouTube’s ContentID system won’t let us upload the video even though it’s a legally protectable parody under fair use. So we’ve decided to distribute this parody-of-Star-Wars-parodies directly to fans through Kickstarter."

'Star Wars Farts,' along with a companion novel expanding the 'Star Wars Farts' universe called 'Dark Farts Rising,' will launch on Monday, October 6. You can contribute to this project on Kickstarter HERE.

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