Remember that infamous 'Devil Baby' strolling around New York City in a carriage and just freaking people out on the streets? Or how about when a bunch of coffee shop goers witnessed a telekinetic meltdown? It was all in good fun, of course, but now the guys who brought you these viral video stunts are back with another one for the ages. A fortune teller who can pop her eyes out? A cursed ouija board? A third surprise you weren't expecting? Watch what happens!

The masters of the viral video, Thinkmodo, made up of Michael Krivicka, James Percelay and Sam Pezzullo, have revolutionized viral marketing campaigns for films like 'Chronicle,' 'Carrie,' 'The Last Exorcism, Part 2' and 'Devil's Due,' and they've set their sights on the upcoming horror movie 'Ouija' as their next source of inspiration.

The film sees a group of teens trying to communicate with their dead friend through a ouija board after she died under mysterious circumstances, only to instead unleash something horrific from the other side. Great source material, right? What makes this stunt so effective is, surprisingly, how many people believe in the supernatural implications of such a device. You can hear one victim even say, "My grandma, she told me to never mess with a ouija board," before all hell broke loose around him.

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