On Oct. 14, Neil Young will follow up his 2012 autobiography, 'Waging Heavy Peace,' with a second volume that looks back on his life and career against the backdrop of his long obsession with cars.

Titled 'Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars,' the new book has been described by Booklist as "quite literally an auto-biography," and adds another 384 pages to the mountains of prose that have been written by and about Young.

Promising "extraordinary reminiscences about his Canadian boyhood, his musical influences, his family, the rock ’n’ roll life and one of his deepest, most ebullient passions: cars," Young's publisher, Blue Rider Press, writes that "Through the framework of the many vehicles he’s collected and driven, Young explores his love for the well-crafted vintage automobile, and examines his newfound awareness of his hobby’s negative environmental impact. With his ferocious devotion to clean energy, he recounts the saga of Lincvolt, his specially modified electric car, and his efforts to demonstrate to lawmakers and consumers how viable non-gas-guzzling vehicles truly can be."

'Special Deluxe' arrives during a period of particularly intense output for the ever-prolific Young: his new album, the orchestral project 'Storytone,' is due in November, shortly after he stages his annual Bridge School benefit concerts on Oct. 25-26. The book, which is now available for pre-order, and offers fans "an unforgettable amalgam of memories, artwork, and political ponderings from one of the most genuine and enigmatic artists of our time."

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