Normally at this time of year, the Winter snow is melting and water is running everywhere. That's a good thing for our area waterfalls.This last Winter wasn't much of a snowy one, so I wonder how it will affect the falls, if at all.

At any rate, I did some research and found out there are many more waterfalls in New York than I had ever imagined. Some are quite large, some dry up as we head into the summer months and some are on private land, needing permission to visit. My memories of some great waterfalls include Watkins Glen State Park, Montour Falls and Taughannock Falls.

I grew up near Watkins Glen, so visiting the falls at the state park was a quick drive from home and something fun to do on a weekend. Montour Falls is just a few miles from Watkins Glen on Route 14, and it's easy to get to. When I used to work in Montour Falls, I drove by it every day, but never got tired of admiring those falls.

My Dad and I used to visit Taughannock Falls, not so much to see the falls, but more for smelt fishing. Every year we would travel up Cayuga Lake and join a lot of people getting ready for the evening run. I've heard Smelt fishing is no more there. It was a great memory of my childhood. Cleaning those little fish, not so much, especially since we would always get our limit of 200.

As the weather gets warmer, it's a good idea to take a waterfalls tour. There's plenty of them to see within a 100 miles or less, and quite a few are around Seneca and Cayuga Lake. NY Falls details every one in New York State., so take a look and go Waterfall sightseeing!