Halloween is finally over, after 2 months of non-stop promoting this non-holiday, but could someone tell that fact to my neighbors? Isn't it time to replace the pumpkins and Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving or Christmas?

You could say it's haunting me. Oh, and speaking of hauntings, we have heard many times of haunted sightings, haunted houses, etc., but have you ever heard of haunted lakes and waterways?

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Well, apparently there are several that are found within the borders of New York State. There is a website called New York Haunted Houses, that lists several lakes and waterways in the Empire State described as haunted.

I've heard of lakes with supposed mysterious creatures in them like New York State's Lake Champlain and of course Loch Ness in Scotland (which  I have visited a few times, but never sighted Nessie), but never haunted waterways. Maybe you have visited one or more of these haunted waterways. And just what makes them haunted? Well, read on.


Cazenovia Lake is located next to Cazenovia, New York off Route 20, not far from Interstate 81. According to New York Haunted Houses, ghosts reportedly haunt this lake including the ghost of a boy who died in a 19th-century steamboat accident, an Onondaga Princess and her groom, and a ghostly woman who walks around the shore of the lake.


Snyder's Lake is located in North Greenbush, New York, just a bit east of Albany.  According to New York Haunted House, in the park alongside the lake, a long-gone caretaker shows up every so often and checks the park's bathrooms. Also, a night watchman who had been murdered walks around the park and supposedly steals children away from the campgrounds.


This waterfall is between Cohoes and Waterford in the Mohawk River, and according to the New York Haunted House website, a Native American girl died going over the falls in a canoe after being overtaken by the rapids. On full moon nights, she supposedly can be seen paddling against the rapids.

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