April is here. The first day started off with some good weather, and I thought we had put whatever Winter there was, behind us. That is until Mother Nature decided to fool us into thinking that the mild Winter was about to turn to a warm Spring.

Not so apparently, with some areas getting close to a foot of snow over the weekend and into the early part of this week. At any rate, the snow will melt, and it will get warm again. Now's the time to get excited for Spring and the projects to look forward to. What Spring projects do you have planned for 2016? Here's five of mine.


  • Photo by: nevenmn, ThinkStock
    Photo by: nevenmn, ThinkStock

    Open Up The Pond

    I have a small pond in my backyard. It has several goldfish and a Koi fish that's got to be close to 20 years old. It's time to take out the pond de-icer and put back the pump and filter. I broke a couple of hoses last Fall, so it will be a trip to the hardware store to fix those!

  • Photo by: Three Lions, Getty Images
    Photo by: Three Lions, Getty Images

    Start Up The Lawn Mower

    I hate this. Every year, it's a struggle to get the lawn mower to start up after a long Winter's sleep. Yes, I put that dry gas type of liquid or whatever you call it, in the tank. I think the lawn mower just likes to taunt me.

  • Photo by: Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Photo by: Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    Install Railings and Mailbox

    I'm not a very good handyman, so I will have some help from a friend on these projects. Once the ground thaws a bit, it's time to dig a hole, mix some concrete and set up that shiny new mailbox I bought over the winter, plus install new railings for the steps that led up to my front door.

  • Photo by: Oli Scarff, Getty Images
    Photo by: Oli Scarff, Getty Images

    Open Up The Camper

    OK, this is what I am really looking forward to. The campground opens May 1st. There is a countdown clock on my desk that I set every November 1st. Sad, right? May 1st is on a Sunday this year, and I will be at the campground turning on the electric, opening up the camper slides, cleaning out the water lines of anti-freeze, filling the propane tanks, putting the patio furniture in it's place, and filling the fridge with beer. Oh Yea.

  • Photo by: Nick Daly, ThinkStock
    Photo by: Nick Daly, ThinkStock

    Rake The Leaves

    Usually I do this during the Fall, but l had no real motivation, so it didn't happen. I thought the Winter would make those leaves magically disappear. They didn't.

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