I saw the other day on social media that one of the area ice cream stands was about to open. It's just the beginning of March. Who would want to get a an ice cream cone in this kind of weather?

I suppose if you have been waiting since last October (or earlier) when our area ice cream stands closed for the winter, you are probably very anxious to get your favorite flavored cone, no matter what cold temperature your thermometer says.

I remember waiting impatiently for spring to arrive and my favorite ice cream stands to open. In addition to that tasty treat, it meant spring was here along with warm temperatures. Sadly my two hometown favorite places to go are long gone, plus the fact that I don't live in my hometown.

Alas, there are many great ice cream stands in the Binghamton area. I don't have a favorite, but I know many do and are anxiously awaiting their spring 2017 opening. Where do you do for great ice cream in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania?

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