We all dream about having more down time. What's that saying? "Be careful what you wish for"...you might just get it, and it might not be for the right reasons. Yea, this would be one of those wrong reasons.

But if you do find yourself at home, I can suggest some things that I did a couple of weeks ago when I took a week off and went nowhere.

First, cleaning. It's been a long winter. A mild winter mind you, but nonetheless, a long winter, and I bet your home is ready for some spring cleaning. I managed to rearrange  my bedroom, dining room and bathroom. Boy were there a lot of dust bunnies hidden everywhere. Listening to some great Classic Rock helped get me through the one task that I hate the most - cleaning.

I caught up on a lot of TV shows. More specifically ones that are on streaming services. It's amazing how fast you can binge watch through a series when you have a lot of time on your hands.

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Another thing I did on my vacation, which is kind of eerie now that I think of it, I set up a work at home space. It's one that allows me to broadcast my afternoon show if needed, like if we were forced to abandon our radio studios and broadcast elsewhere. How crazy is that?

So far, it's all hands on deck for us radio personalities and news people at 59 Court Street Binghamton, but I feel good knowing that we can continue to keep you informed  with local Coronavirus updates and entertained remotely if it should come to that. We love our community and our listeners, and will do whatever it takes to be your source for information and a release with good news and great Classic Rock at 99.1 The Whale, on your radio, plus on Alexa and Google Home, on The Whale Mobile App and streaming through The Whale Website.

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