In my younger days, my wife and I loved to hike while on vacation, depending on where we went on vacation. Obviously, the beach wasn't a hiking thing, more like a walk the beach thing.

We did some hiking during our visits to Scotland, and a bit around England, but most of our hiking adventures occurred in the Shenandoah National Park in Western Virginia.

Each hike was an adventure. We'd run across old cabins, or what's left of them from the early 1900s, plenty of waterfalls, and many hikes ended on top of a mountain with amazing scenic views of the valleys below, both on the east and west sides.

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What's odd, and I can't say why we never did any hiking in our own state of New York. And you know there are many great places to hike locally and of course in the Catskills and the Adirondack Mountains.

And as I get older, hiking has become a bit more difficult, so virtual hiking via online maps is more my thing. And that got me wondering about the highest peaks in each county of New York State. Where are they, and are they accessible for a person to hike to the top.

I found a website called Peakpagger, which calls it:  "An online resource for summit-focused hikers, climbers, and mountain lovers." It certainly is. If you are looking for any information about mountain peaks and ranges anywhere around the world, this website has it.

So, I decided to check locally, that the highest peaks are in counties of the Southern Tier of New York from the data provided by Peakbagger, and here's what I found.

via Peakbagger

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