New Yorkers across the state cheered with the news on Wednesday that Governor Andrew Cuomo would not be renewing the state of emergency for the state, effectively saying that the pandemic is behind us.

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Since March of 2020, New York has been under a state of emergency and while the state of emergency is done it doesn't mean that there won't still be some guidelines in place. According to a press release from the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo, "Federal CDC guidance will remain in effect, which includes masks for unvaccinated individuals, as well as all riders on public transit and in certain settings, such as health care, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and homeless shelters."

Additionally, the office of the Governor states, "State and local government health departments will still be able to ensure mask rules and other health precautions are adhered to in those settings."

With the end of the state of emergency comes another end, that of to-go alcohol sales and it's happening fast. As in today.

Part of New York's state of emergency gave bar and restaurant owners the opportunity to offer customers drinks to-go but because the state of emergency is expiring and won't be renewed, that means to-go drinks won't be allowed anymore after Thursday, June 24.

The New York State Liquor Authority wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, "...please be advised that with the ending of our state of emergency and the return to pre-pandemic guidelines, the temporary pandemic-related privileges for to-go and delivery of alcoholic beverages will end after June 24."

As expected, the end of to-go drinks isn't sitting well with bars and restaurants both of which saw an increase in revenue when drinks were allowed to be ordered out. The bar and restaurant industry plans to continue lobbying the state Legislature to make a law that would allow businesses that serve food to allow customers to add to-go drinks to their to-go meal orders.

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