Early in my radio career, I was amazed at those who could multitask without missing a beat. To be in a conversation with someone who at the same time, would be typing or writing something, and not missing anything I said, was impressive. Or was it just rude?

Over the years, I've become that person from time to time. Maybe it's just because we have so much going on in our personal and professional lives, that we are trying to cram everything in as much as possible.

As I write this, someone is in my office talking to me. I am listening while trying my best not to mis-spell any words, or turn a sentence into a mush of nonsense. Again, am I being rude not giving all my attention to the person in the room? Probably.

Now that we have computers, internet and social media, my attention span is getting divided even more. For example, I'll be watching a movie or TV show, and if I'm next to my computer or my phone is nearby, which it always is, I will drift over to whatever device it is and check my e-mails (I have four), social media or any number of awesome websites that come to mind.

Unfortunately, I will miss something important that just happened during the movie/TV show I was watching. I'm trying to be better, but I'm addicted. Is there a support group for that? Excuse me while I direct my attention to something else.

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