I know time does not go faster or slower, so why is it we seem to feel it does?
For those you who generally have the weekend off, when Friday afternoon comes and work is done for the day, it seems that the weekend will be a long, slow, leisurely time to enjoy whatever you have planned.

So why is it, that Sunday evening comes around so fast? That's what I was thinking around 6 pm last Sunday. I didn't get to do all the things I had planned. Maybe there is something to changing to a four-day work week. Wouldn't that be nice, assuming your pay wouldn't shrink?

Before the weather changed on Saturday, I decided to take a short trip to visit my camper, sad as that sounds. Every year in mid-winter, I walk into the campground to check on things like making sure nothing toppled over or has blown around the campground, and that the field mice haven't taken up residence in my camper. Now, I'm counting down the 60 days before camp opens.

Speaking of the weekend, it was great seeing so many people at our 3rd annual Binghamton On Tap event. I enjoyed talking to many of you who came out to this awesome beer event, and everyone seemed to have a fun time. We will do it again next year, so if you missed out, be sure to join us again in 2018.

My weekend was capped off watching some of the Academy Awards show. I am not a fan of awards shows, but I wanted to see the opening monolog with Jimmy Kimmel. He did a good job. After that, listening to acceptance speeches kind of bores me, and that was the end of that. So, how was your weekend?

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