Can you tell me how to get to the... post office?

If you're like myself and millions of other people, you grew up learning about letters and numbers on the television screen through Sesame Street.

This year, the show is celebrating a huge milestone by reaching it's 50th year on television.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is getting in on the celebrations, by debuting a new line of postage stamps, featuring your favorite characters from the show. Check it out:

Credit: United States Postal Service
Credit: United States Postal Service

Yes, sending things through "snail mail" is old-fashioned, as more and more companies and organizations go paperless. However, how can you say no to these stamps, even just to collect?

I for one want a Bert and Ernie stamp.Who knows? Maybe these stamps will be worth a fortune in another 50 years!

A sheet of 16 stamps (one of each) runs about $8.80 through the USPS website. Getting them shipped to you will run you extra depending on where you live.

However you can also either stop into your local post office or purchase them on Amazon:

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