New York State is set to possibly become the third state banning the sales of puppies in pet stores. New York lawmakers say the proposal will help end the "pet mill to pet store pipeline."

The proposed legislation would not only ban the sale of dogs, it would also cover cats and rabbits. This legislation is proposed by Sen. Gianaris (D-District 12) and Assemb. Rosenthal (D-District 67).

The ban would look to encourage pet stores to develop foster programs with shelters and promote adoption through rescue programs.

The ASPCA says that there are over 2,000 puppies for sale in pet stores at any given time, many of them come from puppy mills.

Sen. Rosenthal said:

In addition to horrific conditions many animals face before they arrive at retail shops. People are often duped into taking home a sick pet in need of veterinary care that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The bills and proposed legislation is being considered by committee members in the Senate and Assembly. There is no clear date set on when a vote could be had.


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