When I was younger I did not like school. I used to pray for snow days every day in the winter. If there was a chance that school might be canceled or delayed, I would wake up early and listen to the radio to see if our school called off. Nowadays, parents get texts and emails letting them know what's going on with their kids' school. The thing that used to tick me off the most, was when our school would start with a one-hour delay. You would sleep in a little bit and still have to get up and take a shower and get ready for school. Then, while listening to the radio praying they would close school for the day, they would upgrade it to a two-hour delay. I would be mad because I got up early and I could have slept in. Then sometimes it got worse. There were days where the school would call the radio station again and tell them that they were, in fact, closing for the day. That would send me through the roof. Couldn't they have just closed school to begin with? They knew what the forecast was going to be, did they really think they would be able to clear the roads that quickly? And once I took a shower, there was no way I was falling back asleep.

On the bright side, all the kids in the neighborhood were off as well, so we will be outside sledding for most of the day, after going around the neighborhood shoveling sidewalks to make some money.

Now that I'm the one on the radio announcing the closings, it still drives me nuts that they keep changing the status. And today, there were a few three-hour delays. That was the first time I ever heard of a 3 hour delay for school. At that point, why not just close for the day?

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