Today is day two of our sister station, 98.1 the Hawk's Radiothon for St Jude Children's Hospital. All the money raised goes to research to find cures for cancer and other diseases, and for treatments on kids affected by cancer.

Yesterday after I got off the air, I went upstairs and worked the phones for a couple of hours taking pledges. I was joined in the room by Senator Fred Akshar, County Executive Jason Garnar, and a couple of students from Binghamton University volunteering their time as well. I also became a partner in Hope myself pledging $20 a month for the cause. The phones will be open until 7 tonight if you would like to donate. Please do what you can. If you donate $20 a month with a credit card, you will receive a t-shirt that says "This Shirt Saves Lives". You can always donate more if you'd like but, if you can't afford $20 a month, any donation is appreciated.

The phone number to call is +1-800-372-4999 or you can text the word Hawk to 785833. Thank you in advance to all who are planning on donating and thank you to everyone who already made donations to help save lives.

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