The entertainment industry is full of people who go by another name, rather than their real name. There are many different reasons for this.

You see it with movie stars, musicians and even radio personalities. When I got into radio, it was a very common thing to do. During my college radio years, I went by Doctor J. That was before the Doctor J of basketball fame adopted the name. I can't remember why I took that name, but it was short lived.

This weekend, we will look at rock musicians who go by another name. Some, it's just a difference of not using their middle name, some changed their last name, and some completely said no the their given name and chose an entire name change for whatever reason.

This weekend, we will expose those names. Most you probably already know, and some you may not. With each name reveal, we'll feature a double-shot of tunes from the band they are a part of or their solo efforts.

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