We all have questions. That's a general statement. But when you have a question about something, where do you turn? Back in the old days, when I was a kid, we turned to our parents, a teacher, or the ever-knowledgable encyclopedia that some salesperson sold to your family for a crazy amount of money. I think I still have a set of encyclopedia books.

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Well, I had some questions about different topics connected with the City of Binghamton, so I looked up the answers so you don't have to. They could come in handy someday. Here are a few explanations for the City of Binghamton frequently answered questions from the City of Binghamton FAQ website:

Building Construction and Code Enforcement

Is insurance needed when applying for a permit?
- The short answer is yes. "Properly certified documentation of all required insurances, including but not limited to liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and disability insurance must be submitted with the building permit application."

Does electrical work require a permit?
Yep. Even if you are the homeowner.

City Clerk

Where do you go for a dog license?
Visit the Binghamton City Clerk. Outside of the city, visit your municipality clerk for a dog license.

Who to contact for birth and death certificates.
In the City of Binghamton, they are recorded by the Registrar of Vital Statistics. Visit the Registrar's website for complete information.


Who is responsible to replace the curb in front of your house if it's falling apart?
If you are lucky that your street is under construction, it's not your responsibility. Otherwise, it is, and that includes the sidewalk as well. the City of Binghamton does note that they have a 50/50 rebate program that you can check into. Visit the City of Binghamton Engineering website for details.

Fire Department

Is open burning allowed in the City of Binghamton?
Yes and no. Under certain circumstances. Visit the City of Binghamton Fire Prevention website for all the fine print.

Parks & Recreation

Is my dog allowed in the City of Binghamton Parks?
Sure, but keep your dog on a leash, and please clean up after your dog. By the way, the Cheri A. Lindsey Park on the Northside has a nice dog park.

Police Department

Can a city resident start up a community neighborhood watch?
Absolutely. The City of Binghamton asks that you contact the Crime Prevention office at (607) 772-7093.

There are so many other questions and answers, and you can get all the information by visiting the Binghamton FAQ website.

via City of Binghamotn FAQ

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