That headline is something we all should know and adhere to, but unfortunately, some don't follow the rules for some reason, and the results can be tragic.

I camp often down in northern Pennsylvania on weekends and over vacation, so I occasionally like to check the Scranton, Pennsylvania television stations to see what's happening in the counties they serve.

On Saturday I was watching the local news on WNEP-TV in Scranton, and one of the lead stories was about a construction worker killed in a hit and run. The incident occurred in a construction zone on Interstate 81 near Hazelton, Pennsylvania in Luzerne County.

The driver of the car did not remain at the scene. As I watched the report, my emotions were overflowing from the sadness for the victim and his family to utmost anger for the driver of the car for what I'm guessing was reckless driving in a construction zone and for not remaining at the scene. How can a person live with the guilt of this horrible tragedy?

Think this doesn't happen in our area? You're wrong. It was only last year when the truck of a New York State Department of Transportation employee from Candor was struck while he was pulled over on Route 17 in Nichols by a driver who did not move over. 45-year old Matt Howe was doing routine work at the time, but he sadly did not make it home. Part of Route 17 in Nichols is now named after Howe.

Read More: Part of Route 17 Dedicated to Fallen D.O.T. Worker Matt Howe

It was just little over a week ago, I drove through that construction zone twice on Interstate 81 during a trip to Altoona, Pennsylvania and back. Yes, it slows down your commute a bit, but there is no excuse for not following the speed limit and the rules of  construction zones.

You've seen the signs that tell us of upcoming construction zones, and some even mention that someone's parent is working there, so please follow the rules. These hard working road construction workers are people with a life and a family just like us. I think about that every time I pass through a construction zone. And that includes passing a refuse truck or emergency personnel performing their job while on the road.

Construction season is in high gear. Let's keep road construction workers safe. This should be a no-brainer.


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