We all have a story about where we were on September 11, 2001, when we heard the news that a airplane had hit the World Trade Center in New York City.

I was doing a live morning show here in Binghamton, when I received a news report that a plane had hit a building in New York City.

I remember thinking it must have been a small plane, probably some kind of mechanical problem, I made the announcement to my listeners, and then turned on the television in the studio, and there it was, a live picture of the world trade center with smoke coming out of one of the buildings,

I continued to report on the incident, and like many people, I actually saw the second plane hit live as I watched in the broadcast booth.

I remember breaking in and telling many of the listening public about what had just happened.

We had five other radio station in the same building and we all started gathering in the halls in between our break ins to discuss what we've seen, and how we needed to approach the situation, keeping in mind we didn't know how serious it was at the time, and if it wasn't going to escalate to the Emergency Broadcast System.

I thought about my kids, my wife, and my family, I called my daughter who was home and explained to her what was going on, then I went back to the live morning show.

Someone in our offices brought a TV out into the hall area, and many people gathered to watch the horrors unfold, I came out into the hall and saw our office manager with tears running down her face, then I saw the horror on the other faces gathered around the set, as I glanced at the screen to see the first tower falling.

We learned about the Pentagon attack and the plane in Pennsylvania which were all part of the horrific events, we had to report on that morning.

If I live to be 100, I pray that I will never again have to experience the wave of emotions that I felt on that day.

We must never forget this day, the victims, the heroes, and this great country we live in, God Bless America.

Watch this video and I'm sure you'll be moved.

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