This morning I Googled “gifts for Father's Day”. One of the first things that popped up was 66 gift ideas for the man who says he has everything. As I was clicking through the list, I quickly realized most of it was crap.

They had $300 sneakers, $200 shirts, some kind of automatic wind your watch machine. Like I said, most of it was crap. The only thing I found that I would really enjoy was the bourbon of the month club. But that was close to five hundred bucks.

Let me tell you what would make a great Father's Day gift. If your father likes beer, why not get him a gift certificate for Sam the Beer Man. He can go in there and either get his usual or try something new.

If your dad likes baseball, why don't you take him to a Binghamton Rumble Ponies game. Just make sure you bring enough money to buy him a couple beers and maybe some food. You will both enjoy just hanging out together enjoying the game and great conversation.

Of course if your father is a golfer like me, you can't go wrong with passes to one of the great local golf courses in our area. If you golf, go with him, if you don't, just give him a couple passes so he can take one of his golfing buddies with him.

Another great idea is having a cookout for him. You could get a couple of steaks or whatever dad likes to eat. You do the cooking and the cleaning, and let him just relax and have a couple of beers while he hangs out with his children.

I think everything I listed above would make a great Father's Day gift, much better than a tie or a machine that winds your watch for you.

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