New York State Police are looking for incidents of quick-change scams and sleight of hand jewelry thefts in communities located on Interstate highways.

Authorities in Western New York have identified some members of a "Roma organized crime group" that travels worldwide and manages to confuse store clerks during a transaction, getting too much money back in “change” and stealing jewelry.

Some recent incidents happened at the end of January at Walmart stores in Amherst and Canandaigua and an M&T bank in Onondaga County.

State Police in Canandaigua say in incidents on January 25 or 26, a man with an Adidas pouch purchased electronics and during the transaction, confused the employee by telling them he wanted the change a different way and stole $1,600 dollars in each transaction.

New York State Police-provided photos
New York State Police-provided photos

Two men were seen leaving in a black Chrysler minivan. Authorities say there were four incidents at businesses near an Interstate in Western and Central New York in Erie, Ontario and Onondaga County.

Two of the suspects have been identified as: 20-year-old Iosif Sava and 23-year-old Vasile-Rostas-Anghel.

Any additional incidents can be reported by calling the State Police in Canandaigua at 585-398-4100.

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