Is there a shortage of cheese, sauce, and ingredients to make the dough that I don't know about? Has the cost of wings gone up to the point where it would be cheaper to get lobster?

Last night my wife went out to dinner with a few of her friends. That left me and my step-son, Ian, on our own for dinner. Now, we both know how to cook. I used to manage restaurants before I got into radio, and Ian spends his summer cooking at NYSEG Stadium during Rumble Ponies games. Neither one of us felt like cooking so we decided on pizza and wings.

We ordered a half sheet party pack. 12 slices of pizza and 20 wings. On the pizza, we had onions and black olives the whole thing, and mushrooms on half of it. When I got to the pizza place I was told that the total was $35 and some odd cents. I was like, "I didn't order a full sheet, I ordered a half sheet". I was told again, it was 35 dollars. HOLY CRAP!

When it comes to pizza toppings, I know this because I used to manage a place that made better pizza that this particular place, onions, and black olives are cheap, and mushrooms aren't that expensive either. Am I missing something? Almost 36 bucks? Like three years ago it would have cost just over 20.

I'm glad I went to pick it up too because now this place charges a $5. dollar delivery fee (which doesn't go to the driver) and then you need to throw $4 or $5. In for a tip. So that would have been $45. for 12 slices of pizza and 20 tiny wings. Yeah, their wings are about half the size they used to be.

Your pizza is good, but not THAT good. I don't think you will be seeing me for a while unless I hit the lottery.

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