Major League Baseball (MLB) presented its proposal to play baseball this season to the MLB Player's Association (MLBPA) yesterday.  Various sources including Yahoo Sports and the Associated Press report that much of that meeting centered on health and safety issues related to the Coronavirus.

Reportedly a salary or compensation structure was not part of the initial meeting.  Of particular concern is how salaries for players will be determined.  A late-March session indicated that players' salaries would be prorated.  The current proposal has a revenue-sharing agreement of 50-50.

The next meeting is expected later this week once the MLB proposal is viewed by the Player's Association.  One notable item involved in the negotiations pertains to venue location.  Several proposals have surfaced including playing in home teams' ballparks.  Another proposal was to have Arizona as the hub for all teams while another included Texas and Florida as hub locations as well.

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Under the current MLB proposal no fans would be allowed in attendance at least in the early portion of the schedule.  If accepted regular season games would begin the week of July 4 with the schedule totaling 82 games.

Also outlined in MLB's proposal is utilizing the designated hitter in the National League as well as the American League where it already exists.  The playoffs would expand from 10 to 14 games and rosters would expand from 26-30.  One additional roster spot was already approved heading into this season which puts the limit at 26.  Under the new proposal the roster would expand to 30.  The extra players would practice and workout with the team so as to be ready in case of illness or injury occurring. This then brings up the question for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies and their fans.  Will there be a minor league season if extra personnel are kept on the Major League roster ? We will have that answer soon.

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