What makes a great Fourth Of July Barbecue? I think it's great food, beer and alcohol, and friends.

According to FB.org, you can host a party for as little as $5.60 per person. To me that sounds kind of low but they say for that price you can buy; hot dogs and cheeseburgers with buns, pork ribs, potato salad, baked beans, chips, chocolate milk and lemonade, watermelon, and condiments. So a party for ten people, should cost you $55.70.

I think you need more than that. I think you need soda, water, beer and alcohol as well.

The price above is based on eight dogs and burgers. I think you would need more that eight of each. You may want to pick up some citronella candles or tiki torches to keep the bugs at bay.

And if you plan on having friends stick around into the evening hours, a bonfire is always cool as too.

Make sure you have plenty of gas or charcoal for the grill, plenty of ice, 99.1 The Whale on your radio, and something to use as a tourniquet, in case someone has an accident with fireworks.


[via FB.org]

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