Having an album sit on top of the album chart for six weeks is something I would consider quite an accomplishment. Now if only I had a band, some great tunes and a record company to peddle my album, maybe that would be a dream come true. I probably would also need to learn to play an instrument, right? Oh well, dream crushed.

That was not the case for Led Zeppelin. The year was 1975 and they had just released 'Physical Graffiti' early in the year. Before I even placed the first disc of two on the turntable, I was in awe of the album cover. It was so cool. The cover is a picture of an apartment building in New York City.

'Physical Graffiti' won several awards including being in many top albums of all time lists. The album also sat on top of albums charts including the UK and Canada. The songs are priceless - Down By The Seaside, Ten Years Gone, Houses of the Holy, Trampled Under Foot and Kashmir to name a few.

For this weeks Classic Rock Pick, take a moment to enjoy Led Zeppelin performing Kashmir many years ago.

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