Just when you think you've seen it all you, see something like this. According to the Huffington Post, A woman in Denver named Lucy Shultz recently adopted her first cat. She celebrated by having a photo shoot where it looks like she is giving birth to the cat. She used those photos to announce the new arrival on social media.

First I thought it these pictures were stupid, then they made me laugh. I definitely have to give the woman props for originality. The photographer did a great job too, getting all the right angles. Some of the pictures show her boyfriend, Steven, with his hands spread open like he is going to catch the cat when it finally slides out. They both appear to be decent actors as well because of the facial expressions. In the one photo, Shultz definitely looks like she is going through the pains of labor. The look on the cat's face is pretty amusing as well. There is at least one shot where the cat looks to be asking; 'why are you doing this'?

I was going to use this as a Strange But True story this morning, but there's no way I could describe these pictures and do them Justice. Check out all of the photos on Huffington Post.

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