Many people are spending more time at home these days. A LOT of time at home. So to keep from getting cabin fever, we're finding that many are coming up with some cool stuff to to to keep busy, and bringing others a distance.

Musicians are doing impromptu concerts. Neil Diamond did a remake of 'Sweet Caroline'. Jon Bon Jovi was asking people to help him write a Coronavirus song. Comedians like Melissa Villasenor  from Saturday Night Live have been doing daily Instagram live segments designed to make you smile.

I've seen a couple of homes decorated with Christmas lights. That brought a smile to my face. Others are decorating their windows with uplifting stickers. We did that to our front office doors (see above.) reported on a story of a New York City couple who married in the street. I saw that ESPN brought back ESPN The OCHO, which was a fictional channel in the movie Dodgeball. Than reminds me of the five D's of Dodgeball - "dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge."

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Yahoo! Lifestyle reported on a surprise drive-by gender reveal party from some friends of a couple. NPR lists a lot of things now free that normally cost, like music, Broadway shows and theaters, education and sports.

Birthday parties are held at a distance with people attending, separating themselves from each other standing outside. Yesterday, I delivered presents, take out dinner from a local restaurant and a birthday cake to one of my relatives, and then chatted over the phone afterwards. It was a bit weird, but kind of cool at the same time.

Sure, the the world has gone into kind of a hibernation, but that's not stopping us to find ways to entertain and be entertained...from a distance.

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