As we continue to travel through this maze called coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic, or whatever else it's labeled as, I think I'm a bit lost, or is it there's just no visible exit?

We've been in this pandemic since the middle of March. That is five months that seems like it's been a lot longer. I have experienced so much different information and opinion from so many people, it has become mind blowing. I imagine you have too.

I tend to follow the rules concerning stuff like this, such as wearing a face mask where required, washing my hands and using sanitizer often as recommended. I can't afford to get sick and I certainly don't want to be the person to get someone else sick.

But as I navigate this Covid-19 life with the recommendations, at times I feel uncomfortable with my surroundings. I have frequented many businesses in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania quite a bit in the past five months.

Now that wearing a mask upon entering a business is required in both New York and Pennsylvania, I still see some people not adhering to the rule. Now maybe there is a medical reason those people can't wear a mask. It's not my place to judge and I never would. Maybe it's just that the person doesn't have any faith in masks helping prevent the spread of Covid-19, and therefore refuses to wear a mask.

At most businesses I visit, the majority of people are wearing a mask, and have been very good about social distancing, but there have been a few stores I've been in where I was the only one wearing a mask. Talk about feeling uncomfortable and out of place.

For me, it's sad seeing so many people divided about what's right and wrong. But in the meantime, I plan to follow the guidelines, hope we can get out of this pandemic maze soon and get back to arguing about who's favorite sports team is better, rather than arguing about whether to wear a face mask.

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