Route 61 leading into the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania is known as the Graffiti Highway. The road has been filled with graffiti since it was closed to traffic 25 years ago by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The road was turned over by PennDOT to a private owner, and over the past few decades, the road which is just under three quarters of a mile, had been subjected to graffiti artists.

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The town of Centralia, located basically in the middle of Pennsylvania, was the scene of a coal mine fire that has been burning beneath the town since 1962. There's not much left of the town, but it has become famous over the years since, and Route 61 became a tourist attraction as the Graffiti Highway.

According to, the owners of the highway are in the process of covering up the graffiti road with dirt, to dissuade people from visiting the road, because of liability, people stealing and spray painting in a nearby cemetery.

Check out the pictures and Youtube Video from The Republican Herald, below.

Credit: The Republican Herald
Credit: The Republican Herald
Credit: The Republican Herald

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