Good news Pennsylvania residents. On Tuesday (May 12th) Governor Tom Wolf announced expanding event and gathering maximum occupancy limits.

Currently it's 25 percent for indoor and 50 percent for gatherings and events no matter size of the venue, and as long as all who are at the events or gathering including any workers, maintain the six foot distance requirement.

Beginning Monday May 17th, the new directive will be 50 percent for indoor and 75 percent for outdoor gatherings and events. This is great news coming into what is always a busy season for indoor and outdoor events such as weddings and high school and college graduations. The six foot distancing will still be strongly recommended as will wearing face masks.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf mentioned at the news conference:

“As more Pennsylvania adults get vaccinated and guidance from the CDC evolves, we can continue to move forward with the commonwealth’s reopening efforts...”

I will be a part of a couple of weddings this year in Pennsylvania, and this increase in occupancy limits will certainly help make for a better celebration. It will be interesting to see how attendees adhere to the six foot distancing. I have a feeling that rule along with face masks will be ignored by some, although I could be wrong.

Governor Wolf's press release does mention that face masks will continue to be required to be worn no matter whether you are indoors or outdoors outside of your home. That requirement will be lifted when 70 percent of Pennsylvania residents 18 and over are fully vaccinated. There are exceptions for those who are fully vaccinated according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

via PA Governor, PA Department of Health

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