Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recommended no high school sports until January 1st, 2021, according to WGAL-TV. That statement, according to the report, was made at the end of today's (8/6) news conference.

The question is, will any or all of the Pennsylvania school districts take his recommendation? I don't think at this point they are obligated to do so. He states that gatherings of this kind can make it easier for the coronavirus to spread.

If school districts follow through with the recommendation, I'm sure many high school athletes will be disappointed, but hopefully their season can be moved to the second half of the school year. This is depending if it's even possible, given the first few months are basically the dead of winter, and not a good fit for an outdoor sporting event normally held in the fall.

It will be interesting to see how Pennsylvania school districts react to the Governor's recommendation. Normally practice for fall high school sports in Pennsylvania begin over the next two weeks.

Heading north of the border, could something like this happen in New York? Fall high school sports, which were already supposed to begin on August 24, have been pushed back to September 21. That's not even taking into consideration that if things don't get better, it could be pushed back even more.

We are somewhat prepared for this though, as the New York State Public High School Athletic Association has adopted a "backup plan" that would cram all the high school sports seasons into the second half of the year.

As with so many other events, it seems that 2021 could become a busy year for reschedules. Or if the pandemic doesn't get under control, it will be more of the same as far as events being postponed or cancelled.

If high school sports cancellations or postponements occur, I understand the reason why, but it will be sad to see all the sports fields and gyms empty, and the Friday night lights turned off this fall.

Who would have thought something like this would have occurred in our lifetime? As I've mentioned in the past, it's like we have been thrown into a horror movie, or are sleeping through a nightmare. Unfortunately it's our reality right now, but hopefully this pandemic will go way sooner than later.


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