The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is looking for information in the upcoming weeks to help memorialize fallen PennDOT employees.

WNBF News/Kathy Whyte Photo
WNBF News/Kathy Whyte Photo

PennDOT says it is in the initial stages of an effort to name bridges after employees who have died while on duty since 1970.

Once the first portion of the project is complete, the transportation department will work with the General Assembly to pass a naming authorization bill in the spring legislative session.

Officials say they want to work with the involvement and approval of families to name a bridge after each fallen PennDOT worker as an acknowledgement of their service to Pennsylvania.  Each bridge is to be marked with a sign that includes the fallen worker's name as a permanent, visual reminder for motorists to slow down in work zones.

PennDOT also has a traveling memorial that will continue to honor those workers who have died while on the job.

For the new effort, the transportation department staff is reaching out to families to discuss the program. PennDOT is also working to identify families of fallen employees for whom the department does not have a next of kin listed, mainly due to the passage of time.

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