Sources told ESPN, the Associated Press and others that a deal has been struck to put Cam Newton in a Patriots uniform this season.

According to the deal Cam Newton would receive a one-year contract for 7.5 million and incentives.

The signing could make the Patriots instant front runners in the AFC east, and contenders for another Super Bowl run.

The move comes after three time MVP Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the off season leaving an uncertainty in the quarterback position for Bill Belichick and his six time Superbowl champion New England Patriots.

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Once again it appears that the New England Patriots fell in a mud puddle and came out with a brand new suit, as they were fined 1.1 million dollars for illegally taping a game last season in Cincinnati.

The big question why didn’t someone sign Newton before the Pats got their hooks in him? I’m sure much of the NFL is asking that very question.

Cam Newton was the Heisman trophy winner, and led Auburn to a national collegiate championship, before becoming the number one draft pick in 2011.

Cam Newton was the 2015 Most Valuable Player and took the Carolina Panthers to Superbowl 50 where they lost to the Denver Broncos.

The Panthers let Newton go to shave off 19.1 million dollars, and signed Drew Brees backup, Teddy Bridgewater to a three year 64 million dollar contract

The big question, what will the Patriot offense look like this year, with a much more mobile quarterback many options are available.

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