Did you catch this moment in this last weekend's Bills vs Patriots upset? The Bills shut out the Patriots - somehow. Let's just say, my WAAL Pro Football Pick 'Em was a little thrown off by this game! Check out this Bill Belichick tantrum from the game:

Bill Belichick is likely "that guy", that your company's IT pro hates. He loves to have run-ins with his technology, especially his tablets:

I hate to tell you coach, but when you treat your tablets this way, you can't be too upset when they "malfunction". They were simply reacting to being thrown, smashed, and twisted.

This certainly isn't the first temper tantrum so far this season. Did you see Odell Beckham Jr's instant karma incident last week? These guys need to chill out. You're getting an oddly-shapen ball from point A to point B - that's all. Cool your jets!

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