The New England Patriots became the world champions with 20 seconds to go in the game on a Russell Wilson interception that dethroned last years champs. This gave the Patriots a 28-24 victory in Super Bowl 49.

Wilson threw the ball right into the hands of Patriots Safety, Malcom Butler, and that was all she wrote.

I thought the Seahawks were going to do it, but Tom Brady (a guy you love to hate) took his team down the field for two 4th quarter drives, and became the only QB to throw 14 Super Bowl passes, beating Joe Montana's record of 11.

I also thought it was ironic that after a week of no comments from Seattle RB, Marshawn Lynch, the team didn't call his number with 20 seconds left. Being second and goal, on the 1 yard line, I would have put the ball in his hands without question.

I have to say even though I'm not a fan of either team, this was a great game, even the commercials were better this year. Katy Perry's half time performance was exactly what I thought it would be, it resembled a Nickelodeon show. I thought I saw Barney the Dinosaur on the left!

Football is over for the season and it's time to put away the deflated balls and skittles. Where's my Yankee ball cap?

Check out the highlights of Super Bowl 49 below:

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