As I've mentioned in the past, I have accumulated a few weeks vacation per year since begin employed at The Whale since radio began. At least that's what some of  my co-workers like to joke about.

Well, the joke's on them everytime I take time off and they have to fill in for my work responsibilities. Carma baby.

Everyone who accumulates vacation time, uses them in a variety of ways. Some like extended workdays, some take time off midweek to midweek, and some take two weeks off at a time. I've never done any of those.

I'm pretty standard with my time off. I go full week - Monday through Friday. It just makes sense. As for more than one week at a time, I've always understood it to be frowned on in the radio business, but not a solid "can't happen ever." I've never taken more than a week off. Not sure if two weeks would cause me to go stir crazy, depending on what I would be doing during that vacation.

Well, this past week, I decided to break from the Don Morgan norm. I took Monday through Wednesday off. Have to admit, it was weird. Each day, I had in the  back of my mind that I had to be back at work on Thursday.

Coming back on Thursday, it felt like it was Monday. And then trying to get a week's worth of work into two workdays has been a bit of a challenge. The upside is, the weekend is here again. Maybe a two day workweek would be a good thing? I don't think so.

Makes me wonder how I will deal with retirement. Will I be bored to tears? Maybe I'll just stick with radio until the end. With a few weekends off , that sounds like a plan.

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