Many decisions on dealing with your own children have been heavily influenced by a family member. The question has been posed many times, who told you to do that?

It's hard enough bringing up kids especially in today's politically correct, get on your soapbox world we live in. I'm sure you've even heard the old saying, "If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it". But how many times have you received advice anyway?

The question has been posed many times, who told you to do that?

According to many surveys the number one culprit of bad parenting advice is a family member. This is followed by the mother in law, then friends and strangers, and believe it or not, number 4 is your own mother.

I think the latter is because your own adult children have no problem with telling you to mind your bees wax.

I might add that not all parenting advice is bad, but each person is different and has their own perception of parenthood.

My wife and I are grandparents now, and we have learned to be careful not to offer too much advice on parenting. I have an easier time with this because I'm a guy, and I had a secondary role in raising my own children. But I think it's tougher with women, because of that maternal touch.

However today's father has a bigger role in raising their children, with most couples working full-time jobs.

I have found a simple rule when it comes to parenting advice, don't give it, unless you're asked, and I would preface it with these words, "Are you asking me for my advice?"

That will check mate the discussion, so if it ever comes back, you can counter with, "If you didn't want my advice, why did you ask for it?"

Remember this important rule, if you ever have an overwhelming urge to unleash some unsolicited parental advice, if in doubt, butt out.