I walked into our living room a few days ago and overheard my wife talking to someone on the phone. She was discussing how people were more active 'back then', that kids played outside and didn't sit in front the television for hours.  

In many cases we've allowed our kids to become couch potatoes, and technology has done the same to adults. We are a society obsessed with screens.

When I was a kid, we played outside all the time, but in fairness we didn't have game consoles, DVD's and 24 hour television. If we had, I'm sure we would have been fixed in front of the boob tube as well.

I know many parents do their best to limit their child's amount of game time and such, but it's a constant struggle to find a good balance of emotional and physical stimulation. Parents like to get their children involved in sports, like baseball and soccer, while others get their kids into other activities, such as scouting and dance.

Technology has become a babysitter and parents are challenged to find activities that will keep their children actively engaged. They should resolve to keep finding events in the new year and make it a plan to find things they can also do together as a family.

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