The weather is not ideal for sitting on the edge of a lake or river, but ice fishing is a great activity during the winter months, and next weekend New Yorkers can fish for free.

A news release from Governor Cuomo’s office is an open invitation for New York residents to fish the many lakes, streams, pond and rivers during the weekend of February 13th and 14th

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During these two days, anglers will be able to fish for free without a license, private lakes and bodies of water are not permittable, without permission from the land owner.

In the news release, governor Cuomo said "As the nation continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, families are seeking outdoor activities that don't break the bank or require extensive travel, and this Free Fishing weekend is a perfect option for anglers of all experience levels to enjoy the very best that the Empire State has to offer."

Fishing is a fun outdoor activity, and something different to do with your immediate family, its outdoors, so there less risk of a virus issue, and there are no license fees for either day, so many families and individuals, who are first timers will have an opportunity to give it a try.

The cold weather around our region has strengthened ice conditions, and according to the DEC you should never walk out into a frozen lake, river, or pond with less than four inches of solid ice.

New York State began the free fishing weekends back in 1991, to give people who never fished a chance to try it out, it has become a hobby for many people throughout the years, and this is the first weekend of many planned this year, that will offer free fishing weekends throughout 2021.

The DEC also reminds people to socially distance at least six feet apart, wear a mask when you cannot maintain social distancing, especially in parking lots and along footpaths, respect your fellow anglers and the resource by providing space and practicing ethical angling, avoid sharing gear when possible, and take out what you bring in or place trash in receptacles.

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Enjoy Free Fishing Weekend in New York State on February 13th and 14th



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