The Green Bay Packers ended the New York Giants season with a 38-13 victory at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

The Big Blue defense has some great moments but the offense failed to put points on the board and could not stop Aaron Rogers who threw 4 touchdown passes in the NFC Wildcard game.

I said early in the season that the Giants offensive line was very poor and this seems to be an area that has kept them out of the post season.

This year the defense really won several games for Big Blue, as the offense put up just enough points to squeak out a win.

Eli Manning came out throwing some passes right on the money, but his receivers couldn't hold onto the ball, forcing the Giants to settled for two field goals.

Then with 12 seconds left in the first half Aaron Rodgers threw a hail mary and hit one of his receivers in the back of the end zone, and that was it for the Giants as they never score more than 13 points in the game.

It was kind of a disappointing loss, but not surprising considering the Giants hadn't scored more than 20 points in any of their last 6 games.

The Giants defense was of Super Bowl quality, but the offense was not play off worthy and that's the tale of the tape.

I think the Giants will look at their offensive line the way they looked at the defensive secondary at the end of last season.

Thanks to the Giants fan for listening to our live coverage on 991 the Whale all season.

Go Giants!

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