Anybody who drives has had an experience with at least one pothole. You know what I'm talking about. The times where you know it's coming and you try to avoid it but you hit it anyway. And sometimes here in Broome County, there are so many potholes in the same area, you can't miss them all.

And there are times where you wonder if the pothole will ever get fixed. I have to admit. so far this fall in the Binghamton area, I haven't seen many huge potholes. And that's a good thing. (keep scrolling for more)

But in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, an hour and 20 minutes south of Binghamton, neighbors were getting fed up with a giant pothole in the middle of their Street. According to ABC 13, the residents were thinking the pothole was so big that a Christmas tree could fit inside of it. So they decided to find out.

According to ABC 13, the pothole has been getting bigger for weeks without being repaired. So the residents decided that they would draw attention to the pothole, and keep other people from hitting it, by placing a decorated Christmas tree down inside the hole.

It definitely got the attention of the city leaders who have since put a sheet of metal over the hole until it can be repaired properly.

Check out the pictures and video here.

[via ABC 13]

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