Did you get your third stimulus check yet? My mom just got her second stimulus check, and most if it went to paying owed taxes. She is still waiting for the third, 1400 dollar stimulus check.

I received all three stimulus checks quickly since I use electronic filing to get my taxes back quicker, and it worked the same way for the three stimulus checks. The quicker I get my money, the quicker I can spend it, and I have begun to do so.

So far, I replaced my aging refrigerator, after 25 years or more of service. I felt sorry for the delivery guys who had to haul out the old refrigerator. I did my best to clean it out, but the amount of dust that came out on the bottom was disgusting. My second purchase was something I've wanted for a long time, but not something I really need.

I bought myself a pellet grill. I have tasted food from a pellet grill, and much prefer it over the gas grill I have at camp. I'm weighing my options for the best kind of flavored pellets to buy first. I'm torn between mesquite, hickory and apple. I also see that there are Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey flavored pellets as well. That sounds like it would add a nice taste to whatever mean I grill.

I guess I'll just have to give them all a try. I wonder what would the meat taste like if I mixed up some of the flavors. I'm really looking forward to a great BBQ season this year at camp.

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