If you're a person that finds it hard to get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off, you're not alone, many people find it hard to take that first step to the beginning of your day.

You’re lying in bed enjoying a nice restful sleep, when suddenly BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! The harsh sound of your alarm clock rips you out of your slumbered state and basically says 'wake the hell up'.

Many people find it hard to take that first step to the beginning of your day, but I recently read something that might help you.

I'd always heard that the worst thing you can do is hit the snooze alarm, and they weren’t kidding! 'Snoozing' causes losing productive time that would serve you well in your daily efforts to be productive. It could be anything from having a cup of coffee, making yourself some breakfast, packing a lunch, and it could also impact your hygiene, by giving you enough time to shower, shave, floss, brush etc.

Here are my four simple steps for waking up to start your day:

  • No Snooze: I have always found it better to ignore the snooze option and many times I shut the alarm off before it even sounds!
  • Get Moving: Another important step is to start moving. Walk around the house if you have some extra time and if you have a treadmill or something similar, hit it for 10 minutes.
  • Lighten Up: Turn on some lights and get your eyes adjusted for the daylight ahead.
  • Groove on: Crank up 99.1 the Whale on your morning commute. It's a known fact that upbeat music will get you energized and ready to start a productive day.

You may not be a morning person, I have heard many people coin that phrase, and that may be the case, but try these suggestions because they may help you in your daily routine.

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